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[photo] Botanical Gardens, Christchurch, New ZealandSo who am I? What am I all about? The simple answer to those is in the header, up there: my name is Philip and I craft websites. Call it what you want, designer, developer, interactive interface experience architect - I work with people to get their ideas, businesses, photos, writings, whatever, online. But in my own mind, I’m not just some geek who writes code and plays in Photoshop. I am an enabler. I have realized over the past few years that what I am passionate about is helping other people realize their goals. My success is them succeeding. It is what makes me “tick.” While it may not be the norm, I find joy in helping to make others shine. I want to enable people to go, to do what they in turn are passionate about. While there are many ways of doing this, the major route I’ve chosen is web design and development. I have helped shape the online image of non-profit organizations around the world. This helps them do their job better, and again, in turn, makes the world a better place because of their work.

I hope that those few words can help explain better who I am, more than a name and job description.

I love this world we live in and thrive when I get out in it. Traveling is in my blood, and I can’t see the lofty peaks of mountains or hear the roar of the ocean without excitement and passion flaring up in me. I try to take this excitement and drive with me to the drawing board and keyboard. A website needs to engage the viewer. If you are looking for someone to work with you on an online project then go ahead and contact me. We can discuss your ideas and plans: we can learn if your project and my skills and experience will mesh to produce for you a beautiful end result that accurately hits the mark for your need.

About this site

Musings on the design

This site is in its 3rd edition (well, 4th if you count the short lived WordPress version of the 2nd design used). I was reading an article by Kevin Tamura over at Blue Flavor about being inspired in your design. At one point he said “Take it in and savor it. Let it roll around on your tongue, so to speak. That tree out the window, the plate of sushi you had last night, the pattern on the carpet, the shape of a bike frame or the hand written sign in the farmers market; all are great sources of visual delight.” So I did, I took it in, that tree out the window. The one with grey-ish browns, soft blues and spring greens. I actually stopped reading the article and created a color palette in Photoshop right then, trying to match my screen with what I saw out my window. When it came time to build this site I had about 2 weeks to go from nothing to everything. I was already laying things out and in my hurry had not decided on colors when I recalled the tree palette. And this is the result!

I’m using Expression Engine for the first time on this site. It’s definitely been an experience trying to learn enough to launch a site in a week!

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I know awesome photographers

Most of the photos in the header are taken by friends of mine. I highly recommend their work!

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