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Clean Up

Thursday, January 15, 2009 10:45 PM

Time to start tiding this place up, cleaning the corners, fixing the unfinished areas. While I would love to official brand myself and my work, that’s something that will take quite a lot of time. For now, I think it is important that I just shore the current design up to make it stronger. I need to get meta tags in order, update the portfolio, and sort out aspects of the blog design I didn’t initially think through very far. As this was my first foray into Expression Engine, I was quite excited about it’s ability to be so customized to my needs. I still am in fact - I love what I’ve learned and created with Edurelief. But what’s the point of all this power if I’m not even updating my portfolio? So over the next week or so I plan on writing a bit more and keeping the rest of the site up to date with what I’ve actually done lately. It will be nice to once again have a site that matches where I am currently at.


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