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Making a Comeback

Friday, December 05, 2008 08:06 AM

I’ve restarted the barrage of communication, networking, updating, and job searching this week. I’ve checked out and responded to local Craigslist ads, updated my LinkedIn profile, and will be putting up new portfolio pieces here soon. Oh, and look, I posted to the blog! Go me. Business has been a bit slow out of my own lack of effort to find new projects, but no more! I’m making the push. I envision one of these days that effort won’t be as needed and people will come to me, but until then, I make myself known.


Josephina said

Hi Philip, Meriadoc,

This seems the only way to contact you, so, here I am to thank you for your Christmas Card and your addresses to see what you are up to these days. I am so glad you got to experience New Zealand and who knows what else you have been doing beyond that. I don’t get online often any more except to email here and there. But I do know where some of the Imladrisi hang out, and they will be thrilled to hear from you again too. Please, do keep in touch incase we ever get a second gathering going.

Keep well. I hope to hear from you again when you have a moment.


On 12/29 at 03:25 PM

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