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Friday, December 28, 2007 10:49 PM

Image: IMG_3539_sm.jpg - Click for full sizeI happily have three new Moleskines. Softbound, a  nice natural color which I haven’t seen before, and graphed to aide with grid-based design work. These are such great notebooks. I spent a  good 20 minutes at Borders  browsing their different styles and sizes. So many to choose from! I wish I did water painting, they have a very nice water paint notebook with extra thick paper. I  have a small hardbound sketchbook (which is usually not used for sketching) that I love. However, I like it so much I am too frugal with its use! It’s over a year old and has not yet been filled! It would be much easier to keep track of things if I used it quicker so it spanned a smaller amount of time. I plan on remedying this.

In short, these are amazing notebooks: buy some!


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