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Transitioning to In-House

Thursday, March 22, 2012 09:50 AM

A few weeks ago an industry peer of mine that I’ve met once here in Portland contacted me to tell me that the company he works for is hiring. I wasn’t really interested. I’m a freelancer running my own business. Between international travel and a one-year stint with another company, it’s been that way for 12 years. I love it: the flexibility, the diversity, working with clients. And yet my friend kept encouraging me to look into it, so I sent in an application and my resume (which took a little dusting).

Here I am now, a few weeks later, finishing up the major work on my last freelance job before my full time in-house one begins.

After going through interviews and meeting with several people in the company, I decided to accept their offer of employment. WebTrends really seems to be a fantastic place to work. When I hear employees say that what draws them back is the people they work with and the culture of the company, it makes me stop and consider. That’s a place I want to work: not only where the company takes care of its employees, but where the employees build real friendships with each other and are more than coworkers.

I’m not finished with freelance though. Of course I’ll always have my own little projects going on behind the scenes. In addition, I plan on taking a few select clients. Sure, time will be limited, but because of that and the fact that I’ll have a steady paycheck I can be very selective with the projects I choose. This means I can work only on jobs I really believe in which means I’ll be motivated to put in my best work which in turn means the client gets the best results as well! (So hey, if you have a rockin’ project, let me know and maybe we can work together).

So Monday things will be quite different, and I’m excited for that change!


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