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Side Project Motivation (part 2)

Tuesday, September 30, 2014 03:16 PM

I’ve actually made enough progress on my side project to say I have a working proof of concept. This isn’t a prototype or a “minimum viable product” It’s a “Yes, this will work.”

I’ve been thinking about MVP and recently read an article about that dubious term. “MVP” gets batted around in product teams and start-ups trying to adhere to the Agile development methodology. It means just what it sounds like: do the least amount possible of work to make your product and ship it. Because ship it! Ship it! Ship it! And while I…

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Curious What I'm Doing These Days?

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*cough* @VoiceOfOBrien @samriegel This was tailor made for you https://t.co/Ngwt5VI0GC8:49 PM Jul 30th

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